The Origin of the Infant of Prague

Pius legend states that the miraculous statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague once belonged to Saint Teresa of Avila.

Mary, Mother of God

In contemplating Our Lady as the Mother of God, we remember the way she cared for Him all the hidden years in Nazareth, and we honor her as a source of grace, for she “received the Author of Life.”

The Carmelite Sisters Welcome NET Ministries

The new partnership began on July 2016, with NET’s new California Regional Office at the St. Joseph Campus. NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church.

Nine Carmelite Saints You Might Not Have Met Yet

In anticipation of the feast of All Carmelite Saints on November 14th, we will share a “novena” of nine Carmelite saints you might not have met yet.

Glimpse Into the Beauty of Carmel

A MUST SEE!! A glimpse into the beauty of Carmel in Alhambra, CA…and for those who’ve been waiting for the names of our novices, watch the video!

Jubilee Celebration

“I will return my vows to the Lord in the presence of His chosen ones in Heaven”
– Rites of Religious Profession

Uncovering Human Dignity with Mercy

When Pope Francis asks the Church to “announce the mercy of God,” he is asking us to recognize the dignity of every human person. Let us heed the call!

Nothing is Impossible

Through prayer, joyful witness and loving service, The Carmelite Sisters are able to promote a deeper spiritual life among God’s people. The Carmelite Sisters have gathered footage from their many apostolic service locations and put together this wonderful video which truly is a labor of love.

Moments of Grace...A Book of True Stories

For the first time ever, the Carmelite Sisters are sharing in a 350+ book, stories that have only been shared within the convent walls.  Expect to cry, laugh and to be inspired. Order your copy today! Share with us what you think as you read…

Our Mission

We are called by God to be a presence inflamed within our world, witnessing to God’s love through prayer, joyful witness and loving service. Our mission is a God-given mission which overflows from each sister’s profound life of prayer.

Mercy Rushes In

What happens when Grammy-winning, A-list musicians associated with top rock and pop artists join together with a group of Carmelite Sisters? The result is Mercy Rushes In – a CD of inspirational songs and sublime harmonies that uplift the soul.


"True compassion does not marginalize, humiliate or exclude and does not celebrate the passing away of a patient."

-Pope Francis

Sister Mary Clare, Santa Teresita Chief Executive Officer interviewed on EWTN’s Nightly News about California’s new law and the importance of building a culture of life


Serving with the Sisters

Join the Carmelite Sisters for a unique experience that will combine depth of Carmelite Spirituality with the joy of volunteering. We will take on special projects at the Sisters’ apostolates of health care, retreat work and education while seeking to bring the light and joy of Christ to all those we meet.

Come & See Retreats

In the silence of your heart, do you wonder if our Lord is calling you? Come and See! Experience a glimpse into Carmel!

Recent Posts

Posadas Reflection

Las Posadas take place at our convent just as dusk is falling. We pray the rosary and then journey  in procession to the next site.

Advent: Mercy Rushes In

With the Year of Mercy ending on November 20th, we wanted to capture its essence in a way that we could go back to over and over again! And that is something like Advent.

Advent: Gratitude is Linked to Faith

Advent is a time of stillness – a time of reflection.  We need this quiet to enter within ourselves and discover anew each year the miracle of Christmas.






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