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Slideshow | Entrance into Novitiate 2013


Congratulations, dear Sisters! For those of you visiting us, you will certainly see an abundance of new white veils!



  1. May God keep them Blessed always, I will continue to pray for all the novices and sisters of the community OCD.

  2. God bless all of you!!!

  3. What could be more wonderful than having growth in our beloved Carmelites? Congratulations to all the new novices.

  4. I was fortunate to have been able to spent a silent retreat week-end at the retreat house. I have never gotten over the wonderful spirituality that filled my heart.

  5. Our Dearest Carmelites Sister Maria Augustine of the Holy Family, OCD, Sister Anita Mary of the Blessed Trinity, OCD, Sister Luisa Graciela of the Holy Eucharist, OCD, and Sister Marianna of the Heart of Christ, OCD – oh thy beautiful names! And thy beautiful hearts and faces filled with His and our Blessed Mother’s joyful love and peace! We are so happy that you have shared this slideshow with those who love you. May He continue to keep you and bless you abundantly. We shared the slideshow with Fr. Francis Mendoza and he said, “How beautiful! Thanks for sharing. God is amazing!” We send you our heartfelt blessings and air hugs! Yolie and Manny (In Christ)

    • Beautifully Said Sis.

  6. How beautiful are your vocations and your true love of the Lord Jesus Christ as manifested in giving your entire life to HIM. I will always keep you in my prayers. You are an awesome inspiration to us all!

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